AnyDesk Escalation of Privilege (CVE-2021-40854)


Assigned CVE: CVE-2021-40854 has been assigned for the report of RedyOps Labs.

Known to Neurosoft’s RedyOps Labs since: 20/07/2021

Exploit Code: N/A

Vendor’s Advisory:

An Elevation of Privilege (EoP) exists in AnyDesk for Windows from versions 3.1.0 to 6.3.2 (excluding 6.2.6). The vulnerability described gives the ability to a low privileged user to gain access as NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM.

The exploitation took place in an installed version of AnyDesk .


When someone asks to perform a connection to your AnyDesk, the User Interface (UI) which is presented in order for you to accept the connection and specify the permissions, runs as NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM.

In this same UI, you can open the chat log, by pressing the “Open Chat Log”. The notepad which opens, runs as NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM .

The escalation from that point is trivial, as presented in the following video.


In order to Exploit the issue, no special program is needed .

Video PoC Step By Step

The video is pretty match easy to follow.

A low privileged user, opens the AnyDesk and performs a connection to his own ID.

In the popup, he opens the “Chat Log” and from inside the notepad the low privileged user, spawns a cmd.exe as NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM.


RedyOps team

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